USS Maine

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Kit Details: 

  • The USS Maine model kit comprises of 171 LEGO® elements.
  • Enjoy a seamless building experience with the saddle-stitched gloss instruction booklet, providing step-by-step guidance.
  • The model comes packaged in Histobrick clamshell packaging.

Model Features: 

  • A 1:640 scale replica.
  • The built dimensions of 6.2" x 1.4" make it a captivating collectible for naval history enthusiasts.

History of the USS Maine: A Tragic Tale of History

The USS Maine, a battleship designed to modernize the United States Navy during a time of increased demand for powerful warships, met a tragic fate in Havana Harbor. Authorized in 1886, construction took place in New York shipyards, and on November 18, 1889, the mighty vessel was launched. Commissioned on September 17, 1895, it stood as a symbol of American naval strength.

However, the USS Maine's legacy would forever be marked by a devastating event. On February 15, 1898, while stationed in Havana Harbor during the Cuban War of Independence, an explosion tore through the ship, causing a catastrophic sinking. The incident led to the loss of 266 American crew members.

The mysterious explosion of the USS Maine became a catalyst for the Spanish-American War, as it triggered outrage in the United States and fueled demands for intervention in the Cuban conflict. The rallying cry, "Remember the Maine, to Hell with Spain!" echoed across the nation, propelling the U.S. into a war with Spain that would result in the acquisition of new territories and elevate the country's standing on the global stage.

Despite the passage of time, the cause of the USS Maine's explosion remains the subject of debate and controversy. The ship's wreckage was eventually raised in 1911 and given a proper burial at sea, but the memory of the USS Maine's tragic end continues to resonate in American history.

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